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Welcome to Jabaay Motors: Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Vehicles

At Jabaay Motors, we are more than just a dealership; we are a third-generation family-owned
and operated business with a legacy spanning over 60 years in the automotive industry. Our
unwavering commitment to family values and integrity has been the cornerstone of our success,
making us a premier destination for those seeking the finest low mileage selection of vehicles.
Nestled just south of Chicago in Northwest Indiana, our indoor showroom spans an impressive
16,000 square feet, providing you with a comfortable environment to explore and discover your
next vehicle, regardless of the weather outside.

Unparalleled One-on-One Experience: Your Journey, Your Partner

When you choose Jabaay Motors, you’re not just another customer – you’re a valued partner on
a personalized journey. We understand that buying a vehicle is a significant decision, and that’s
why we offer a unique approach that sets us apart. Throughout your entire transaction, you’ll
have the pleasure of dealing with a dedicated point of contact. No hand-offs, no middlemen, and
no confusion. Just a seamless, one-on-one experience that ensures your needs are met from
start to finish.

Beyond Boundaries: Nationwide Reach

Our reach knows no bounds. With a proud history of shipping vehicles across the country, we’ve
catered to customers who trust us implicitly, often purchasing vehicles sight unseen. Don’t just
take our word for it – explore our collection of testimonials from satisfied out-of-state buyers who
have experienced the Jabaay difference firsthand.

Efficiency and Excellence: Your Time is Valuable

At Jabaay Motors, we understand that your time is precious. Our streamlined process is
designed for efficiency, ensuring that many of our customers drive away in their new vehicle in
less than 45 minutes. Our commitment to a fast and smooth transaction doesn’t mean we
compromise on quality or service; it’s a testament to our dedication to making your experience
stress-free and enjoyable.

Expertly Curated Selection: Where Quality Meets Choice

Each vehicle in our inventory is handpicked by the Jabaay family owners themselves. With
decades of experience, we’ve honed our ability to select only the highest-quality vehicles that
meet our stringent standards. Our extensive selection includes a notable focus on pre-owned
Chevrolet Corvettes, making us a leading destination for Corvette enthusiasts across the

More Than a Dealership: Your Complete Automotive Partner

At Jabaay Motors, we offer more than just exceptional vehicles. Our comprehensive services
include competitive financing options, aftermarket warranties, and other protection services,
ensuring that your investment is well-supported for the long haul. Whether you’re seeking a
meticulously maintained sports car, a dependable family vehicle, or anything in between,
Jabaay Motors is here to exceed your expectations.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have turned to Jabaay Motors as their trusted source
for quality vehicles since 1954. Contact us today to embark on a journey of automotive
excellence. Your dream vehicle awaits – experience the Jabaay difference for yourself.

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